Free standing or retaining walls should not exceed the 2:1 ratio

Gabion retaining walls with flat ground behind or slopes of less than 5deg. should not exceed the 2:1 ratio

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stable gabion wall ratio

Non retaining walls less than the 2:1 ratio need internal supports to prevent collapse

Retaining walls with additional loads on top of them, e.g. driveways, banks, buildings, will require extra thickness, and possibly an engineer’s design.
tall thin gabion wall

Gabion support posts must extend to at least 1.5 x Depth from the top of the gabion basket

Gabion support posts need to strong enough that they do not snap or bend under the load of the gabion wall. Gabion cages are tied, to the support posts with bracewire

Gabion support posts spacing should be no greater than 1.0m apart.

Supported gabion wall foundations

Hollow steel posts need to be capped to prevent water entry

Supports can be internal or external
external support posts

An engineer’s design will take precedence, over these guidelines.

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gabion column

Example of bracewire wrapped around support post

bracwewire around posts

Example of support post in non-retaining wall

Support posts are not recommended for retaining walls unless engineer designed

Warning!! concrete rebar is not suitable for gabion support posts